Feel lousy? Here’s why that’s great news!

dl_dmIn this week’s 5-min mindfulness meditation, I share a quote from Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map on the undeniably immense value of negative emotions.

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“Positive feelings states are a sign that we’re in sync with our Soul.

Negative feeling states are indicators that we’re out of sync with our Soul.

And we’re going to get out of sync.

We’re going to forget about our magnificence a hundred times a day.

Some people will only glimpse their own magnificence a few times in a lifetime.

Crushingly, some of us will spend the majority of our adult lives in resistance to our soul, in a perpetual state of bitchdom and fearfulness. To those people I want to say, you simply forgotten who you are – it’s just a temporary situation. Getting off track is not only natural, but it is absolutely inevitable for every single one of us.”  Danielle LaPorte

Learning to tune into feelings as information is an essential piece of your emotional intelligence, so I LOVE Danielle’s approach to focusing on FEELINGS. How you want to feel. What to do with feelings. It’s an essential conversation.

So my friends, where can you take action and re-frame your negative feelings as wake-up calls this week?

Leave a comment below – you’ll not only re-frame those negative feelings, but sharing will help and inspire other busy moms and caregivers around the world who so appreciate knowing that they aren’t alone. <3

Sending you light and love,




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