Chaos Cleanse: Why it’s time to slow down with a daily gratitude habit

What happened to connection and relationship? Deep meaningful conversations vs. texts, Twitter and Facebook “likes”? How about creating space to reflect on what is going well and what you do want in your life.

Daily Gratitude Habit evolved from Chaos Cleanse which manifested from my “Spa” Time Living (Self-care Promotes Ability) blog. The premise of this original Spa Time Living blog was to start the conversation: how to integrate guilt-free, non-negotiable self-care habits into our busy lives. As the community grew, we rallied on how important this self-care was…but we all had the same challenge: how to find the time. And what do we do when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

And thus the more relevant conversation became: how do you create habits and practices to clear out the chaos (that keeps showing up) to manage your energy/time so you’re consciously connected to life, love and purpose … at work and home?


Why a Gratitude Habit?

It’s time to reframe the perpetually busy conversation.  Our attention is scattered and our schedules, homes and inboxes are full. We feel like we just “need to get caught up!” So how do we clear the chaos and make time?


About Shari

Meet Founder, Shari Beaudette, MBA, Lifelong Mindfulness + Gratitude Researcher & Certified Tiny Habits® Coach .

Shari's Message to You

Shari’s Message to You

My big why…why this is all so important to me and to you. We all have a story. And we can learn and grow from our stories. Leaving behind what no longer serves us as we build our own strong foundations to thrive and give back.

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