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*New Year, New NAME, New focus + saying NO!
*Vulnerability Alert ;-) When I started this blog, I loved the name. Spa time living. Spa was an acronym: self-care promotes ability. This message and mission were well-received, and I was overwhelm[more]
How to live the truth of who you are
Wow. Life-changing. Moving. Inspiring. Grounding. Love. Connection. To be sitting with Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Alanis Morissette, Eve Ensler, Tara Sophia Mohr, Ani DiFranco, Christine [more]
Why Living Your Purpose = Self-care
I'm inspired. Daily. Hourly. By you. The risk-takers, dreamers and doers who say yes. Yes to taking action and making a difference. Yes to rocking the boat when the naysayers test your commitmen[more]
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