How to live the truth of who you are


Wow. Life-changing. Moving. Inspiring. Grounding. Love. Connection.

To be sitting with Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Alanis Morissette, Eve Ensler, Tara Sophia Mohr, Ani DiFranco, Christine Kane, Tami Simon, Kelly McGonigal, Kristin Neff, Sobonfu Somé, Sera Beak, Claire Zammit….plus nearly 400 other amazing women at Emerging Women Live in Boulder last weekend has changed me forever.

And it wasn’t just the words that were said. It was about the space we created. Together.

An opening. An awakening. An honoring of our authentic selves and common connection…. to showing up as love and light in the world.

We all need this connection as women. To inspire and empower us to share love and light in both small and big ways. To embrace our wholeness and learn to stay with the intensity of our experiences…the good and bad.

As we learn to nourish ourselves, we can serve the growth and expansion of love. We can remain curious and courageous. We can Dare Greatly (thank you Brené!) and step into the arena.

Love + reflections to share

May these words of wisdom bless your day and your soul. May they inspire you to align with the truth of who you are. May you realize the power of connection and community and know that you’re not alone.

presenter_brene_brownBrené Brown

You can choose comfort or you can choose courage. Every single one of us is brave and afraid in every moment. You can be awake and conscious in how you do vulnerability…but you can’t opt out.


presenter_eliza_reynoldsEliza Reynolds

When we live in perfectionism we are all stuck in the waiting room.
Today’s young women are sadly hearing “you can be anything” as “you should be everything.” It’s time for a new model of growing up imperfectly.


presenter_tara_sophia_mohrTara Mohr

Your calling is how you bring light and love into the world. Playing big means your more loyal to your dreams than your fears. A “calling” is the inner assignment we receive to bring light or love into the world in a particular way.


presenter_sera_beakSara Beak

The soul path isn’t about getting what you want, but living the truth of who you are. The soul path is about giving who you are without the need for getting anything in return. External success doesn’t mean internal success.


presenter_elizabeth_gilbertElizabeth Gilbert

Make a stubborn decision to choose creativity over fear. Inspiration is everywhere and just seeking the perfect host to manifest. Focus on curiosity vs. passion during creativity “winters.”


presenter_kristin_neffKristin Neff

Self-compassion is the new Black, it goes with everything. Self-compassion honors the element of connected-ness and common humanity vs. just focusing on self.


presenter_kristin_wheelerKristen Wheeler

Native Genius. Be amazed by what is automatic in you.
When we live the truth of who we are, we come alive in our work and our contributions are greatest.


presenter_kelly_mcgonigalKelly McGonigal

When we focus on self-control we are putting the wrong self in charge of change. Being able to trust and be with difficult inner experiences is the very thing that will transform you.


presenter_eve_enslerEve Ensler

Take pain and turn it into motivation.
It’s the trauma and pain that bring us together.
Eve’s presentation moved most of us beyond words….wow.


presenter_claire_zammitClaire Zammit

What would you do if you completely believed that everything is aligning and organizing around your success? Switch “what do you want” to “what do you most deeply desire to experience, create or express?”


presenter_alanis_morissetteAlanis Morissette

What would your life look like if relationships came first?
“If I’m not expressed, I’m depressed.”
Be responsible for managing and honoring your authentic energy.


presenter_sil_reynoldsSil Reynolds

A new kind of love + compassion needs to take up residence in our souls.
Love for others but love for our whole selves too. Be the alchemist that transmutes pain into widsom.


presenter_tami_simon1Tami Simon

If you want to know how to find the way, let your body lead you.
The body is the organ of egoless wisdom. The body is in a constant state of knowing and truth. When you honor, listen and nourish it, this is how you connect with your inherent wisdom.


presenter_chantal_pierratChantal Pierrat

Live the truth of who you are. Thank you Chantal for the amazing Emerging Women experience. And for your passion to bring feminine leadership and authenticity into businesses. To create a world where women have a strong voice in the shaping of our future.


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  1. These two spoke to me: think “curiosity vs passion” and “what would your life look like if you put relationships first”. Those will stay with me.

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