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Yes - I admit it.   I'm in the trenches with you on the SPA Time Living  journey to integrate Self-care, Productivity and Authenticity. I'll never claim to have all the answers[more]
5 Reasons We Self-Sabotage Self-care
1.Excuses Reasons or excuses are everywhere. We can blame the children, the spouse, the job, the weather or we can accept responsibility for the power of choice.  It's about being aware of w[more]
Do one thing every day that scares you - Eleanor Roosevelt On a whim (okay so I've been thinking about getting back to my fitness & wellness background for a while now!) I decided to sign up for C[more]
"Ask for help!" I am better at asking for help than I used to be --but it's easy to fall back into the rut of self-deprivation and self-sacrifice as a mother - I recognize today that I'd thrown in the[more]
"The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more you will have to express gratitude for." Zig Ziglar Oh what a busy week! I'm so grateful that I managed to get the exercise component of s[more]
Attitude is an important part of the foundation upon which we shape our lives. Part of my reason for creating this blog was to create and maintain a positive vision for myself, and hopefully a few[more]
Great article from Experience Life Magazine: Take care of Yourself Overcoming barriers to self-care can be difficult, especially for women. But making time and space for ourselves - and getting[more]
Every time you fly, they always go through safety procedures. And EVERY time, they remind us that: In the event of an emergency or loss of pressure, oxygen masks will come down and You must put [more]
It's amazing, but even just the process of setting this blog up and the few posts I've already made have helped me immensely. I'm feeling more positive and hopeful and - even though it's been a crazy[more]
S - self-care P - promotes A - abilityIf you take care of yourself, you are able to do more. You have taken time for yourself so you are able to give more of yourself. And find more in so many area[more]
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