Self-care Saturday

“Ask for help!” I am better at asking for help than I used to be –but it’s easy to fall back into the rut of self-deprivation and self-sacrifice as a mother – I recognize today that I’d thrown in the towel over the last few weeks.

When facing unexpected challenges, too many responsibilities and disruptions to the routine….it’s very easy to revert to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Instead of hiding out, anxiously trying to do everything and neglecting yourself – how about clearing your plate, asking for help and making time for your needs too.

I’m so grateful that my husband recognized my stress levels this week – since I didn’t acknowledge them myself. He kindly insisted that he keep the kids busy so I could take the weekend off AND that I leave the house, since I’m completely incapable of relaxing when at home. (My next mission!)

I’m not sure if his gesture has to do with the fact that he has already taken 2 weekend hunting trips and has 3 more coming up, but hey – I wasn’t goint to argue with a weekend off! 😉

I started my evening by trying to just do nothing (which didn’t last long!) But I did relax and read a couple magazines cover to cover. Then I enjoyed a relaxing mini facial and was ready for sleep by 9pm.

This morning, I was able to do a strength training class AND a yoga class at the gym. I still had a couple credits for massage therapy – my final stop. There was no hurrying, no guilt, and no deprivation. Only renewal, gratitude and restoration.

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