2009 Wrap up

Once fall hits, the year seems to fast forward. Christmas decorations are in the stores starting as early as October. We start trying to juggle it all and time seems to move too quickly. Try implementing some of the following tips to improve your holidays and positively impact your
life year round:

• Ask someone else in your family to host and prepare a meal.
• Take a little extra time to care for yourself – – eat right, get plenty of sleep,
read a good book, watch a funny movie or get a massage.
• Exercise (as little as 20 minutes per day) will enhance your feeling of well-being.
• Make plans to spend time with people you enjoy
• Dismiss the expectation to be everything to everybody. Establish realistic
expectations for yourself.
• Ask for help and companionship when you want it or need it.
• Use moderation in all things. Don’t agree to do more than you can.
• Allow yourself to grieve if necessary during this time, many people remember
losses over the holidays.
• If things aren’t going well at home, give yourself permission to run an errand
or have some time to yourself. It will help you gain perspective.

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