Feeling Great Now!

It’s amazing, but even just the process of setting this blog up and the few posts I’ve already made have helped me immensely. I’m feeling more positive and hopeful and – even though it’s been a crazy week – I’ve been able to keep perspective and really appreciate both my children and my husband.

Even just small acts of self-care help restore energy and perspective; as does the act of acknowledging that we, as mothers, are deserving of this self-care.

Okay, I admit. There are many, MANY days that I’m in my pj’s until noon because I’ve been too busy sneaking bits of work in between feeding, playing and mediating our toddlers. But the days I actually use some of the great facial scrubs, samples and soaps that I’ve collected, wash my face, put a little make-up on, brush my tangled hair from the shower I snuck in right before bed and get dressed………..I feel great!

And that few minutes of yoga that I’ve been trying to start with each morning: this week was tough with the time change. Our kiddos slept in and so did we. I still tried to sneak in some stretches and breathing after snuggling up on the couch with the kids for the morning sippy cup routine (except mommy has two “sippy cups”: one is water and one is my favorite Starbucks to-go mug filled with the perfect blend of coffee, skim milk, & vanilla!)

Of course yoga with a 2 & 4 year old doesn’t last long before they try to join in, giggling, copying me, and crawling under the “bridge” or “fort” they think I’m making when trying to do downward dog! Oh well. Giggles and laughter are never a bad way to start the day!

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