Self-care helps mom care for everyone else!

Every time you fly, they always go through safety procedures.

And EVERY time, they remind us that:

  • In the event of an emergency or loss of pressure, oxygen masks will come down and
  • You must put your own mask on first before putting on your child’s or helping anyone else
You will hear this EVERY time you fly and for good reason: if you try to tend to the other person first and you can’t breathe, you may not be able to help anyone, let alone more than one person.

We as mothers have a hard time ever putting ourselves before our children/husband/family. I pray to never be in such a situation that I would have to put oxygen masks on…..I’d say we had enough of that when our miracle baby girl was born 2 months early and on oxygen for 8 months, but that’s another story.

Mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else in the family and mile-long to-do lists, that it’s easy to forget to include ourselves on the list in the first place!

But don’t forget mom!! This heavy reliance on mom for so many things makes it that much more important that we take care of ourselves: our physical, mental & spirtitual selves – so that we have the energy, patience, love and peace to care for those around us.

Self-care musts:

Physical Body Care: Mothers need to keep their bodies in prime condition to avoid consequences down the road and to help maintain greater levels of energy, lower levels of stress, and good feelings of self esteem.

  1. Exercise: cardiovascular, strength & flexibility
  2. Get sleep (when you can!)
  3. Nutrition: try to include plenty of water, fruits, veggies, lean proteins & whole grains
Home Spa Self-care: Moms deserve pampering, but often don’t have the time (or the money!) to get away for spa time. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn one’s bathroom into a temporary retreat. Fill up the bath, turn on some music, light a candle, and lock the door! Of course, you’ll want to make sure someone is out there watching those children if you have little ones 🙂

Time Alone: Again, while mothers usually have very busy schedules, fitting in even fifteen minutes a day for some quite time alone can bring valuable benefits. Try to wake up early so you have a little time before everyone needs you. Take time out for exercise, journaling, meditation, or just being alone with one’s thoughts. It’s so easy to lose yourself to your relationship roles and just define yourself as overwhelmed mom, wife, etc. Some time alone will help you stay in touch with who you are outside of these roles.

Say No: Learning how to say no is a skill that all moms should develop—for their family’s sanity and their own. Prioritize, then politely say no and let go of the guilt!! If you don’t learn where to draw the line, you can find yourself seriously overcommitted.

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