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How a 10-minute-from-home trip changed my life
It was 7 years ago. I was Depleted. Exhausted. Scared. I had nothing left. My husband kept saying, just go out... "maybe shopping or for a massage...just go do something." I felt like screa[more]
"It's not enough to stare up the steps. You must step up the stairs." Vance Havner Here are my 10 ideas on how to make time for yourself: for exercise, for hobbies, for guilt-free self care to nur[more]
You are in charge of your experiences. What you think is what you become. Think big, stay positive, set goals and take action. Create your foundation of happiness and gratitude. I love being with fam[more]
Every time you fly, they always go through safety procedures. And EVERY time, they remind us that: In the event of an emergency or loss of pressure, oxygen masks will come down and You must put [more]
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