Why Living Your Purpose = Self-care

I’m inspired. Daily. Hourly. By you. The risk-takers, dreamers and doers who say yes.

Yes to taking action and making a difference.

Yes to rocking the boat when the naysayers test your commitment and courage.

Yes to believing in me and nurturing my brilliance.

Yes to being change agents and thought leaders.

Yes to starting before you’re ready.

Yes to lifting up the hearts, minds and spirits of those around you.

Yes to giving me & so many others the support and motivation essential to any self-care equation.

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Thank you.  My heart is full.

And now I want to make sure you’re taking care of YOU too.

Maybe you’re overextended?

Juggling kids, husband, work, home and more roles than one would think possible.

Realizing that entrepreneurship journey is like a baby, testing your patience, sanity and strength.

Yep. I’ve been there.

Stress is normal.  But if you want to show up and thrive personally and professionally, you NEED the required downtime to let your stress dissipate.

It’s why renewal is an integral piece of our collective total health equation.

It’s why I’ve created Spa Time Living’s signature Chaos Cleanse™ FREEBIE to help you build the habit of regular renewal in just 6 minutes/day! Grab it here.

How to stop the madness

It all starts with knowing what’s important to you. Honoring your values and vision IS part of your self-care and renewal practice and helps you cut through life’s chaos.

Which is why it’s one of the first steps in our Chaos Cleanse™ signature program

And why I love my online sisters and community….for helping me honor and bring my vision to life. For helping me embrace my strengths and gifts, while learning to release the parts of my story (childhood trauma and unintentional neglect) that no longer serve me.

Why managing stress is NON-NEGOTIABLE

Cutting-edge neuroscience research shows that ongoing stress-reduction and mindfulness practices can actually rewire your brain to become less anxious, happier, more focused and better able to show up as your best self. Great news, right?! 

But are you implementing? Are you honoring the cycle of giving and receiving? Of engaging and disengaging? Of asking for and accepting help? Of pushing then recovering? No excuses. No guilt.

It’s not as hard as you think! I’m currently in the middle of moving after 9 years in one home. 2 kids, a dog, a hubbie, a barn and 2 businesses to keep going while moving…on a budget, mind you! And my Chaos Cleanse practice is keeping me rested, strong, positive and optimistic during a time when I would have been a frazzled mess. So yes. It’s possible.

Now it’s time for you. To learn the art of guilt-free non-negotiable self-care. To make YOU a priority.

Your family will thank you. Your clients will thank you. And you’ll wish you said YES to YOU sooner.

So take action now!

  1. Comment below and share: what renews you and gives you strength to keep showing up as your best?
  2. Schedule it!

Much love,



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4 Responses to Why Living Your Purpose = Self-care

  1. Wow, your system must really work if you can be stressfree in a time like that! I loved the beginning of your post, I actually copied it to my screen 😉 Great stuff!

  2. WOW love this post Shari! All the ‘yes’ statements are so, so true of B Schoolers. I can’t wait to try your Chaos Cleanse! Off to download now 🙂

  3. Great tips. Making sure I have enough “me” time really keeps me my best self. Your chaos cleanse sounds like it rocks, I can’t wait to try it!

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