Happy New Year!

stlNew Years 2014 is on its way

A great opportunity to pause and say

Thank you for the lessons…twenty thirteen

Wow oh wow…quite the year it’s been

It’s been about allowing the smiles + the frowns

Honoring + navigating life’s ups and downs

Reflecting, releasing, grounding and letting go

Allowing + nurturing to learn and grow

It’s in these cycles and rhythms that emotional intelligence resides…

Do you know and trust this?

Or have feelings that hide?

Knowing these ups and downs are part of our common humanity

Permission for healing and letting go

A journey and a reality

So please honor both the hellos…and the goodbyes

Allowing light, love & laughter AND plenty of good cries

For me this year represented major transitions + healing

Embracing imperfection, vulnerability, compassion and feeling

RIP mother, may your trauma and suffering be set free.

Goodbye home of 9+ years. Goodbye to my 30s.

No. Letting go isn’t easy …so let’s hold space for each other

Because we all need warmth and nurturing… like that from a mother

Hands over heart… feel loving kindness for self too

Release the inner critic and let divinity’s light shine through

Hold your children close and feel the warmth of their embraces

Connect mind body and spirit as you look into their faces

My wish for you as you welcome twenty fourteen

Is to set an intention without attachment …and stay grounded in this unseen

And with that I share my intentions for the New Year

To help the empath be smart with feelings…. as we keep energy balanced and clear

Much light and love

Happy New Year!




What’s your word, phrase or intention for this year?

Leave a comment below…I’d love to hear!

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