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My husband’s family is all back east and I absolutely adore them so I summoned up the courage to fly alone with our 2 & 4 year old to visit everyone and meet our new 8 week old niece.

Flying alone on a 4 + hour flight with small children – talk about the true test of patience and multi-tasking abilities! My strategy? Positive self-talk, and making every effort to just laugh, stay positive and calm! Oh, and I brought plenty of new small toys/activities, snacks and movies!

Once we arrived, the challenges of traveling all seemed worth it. Spending time with family and those closest to us has a wonderful way of rejuvenating and energizing our minds & spirits.

I also had to remember to balance at least some of my self-care/wellness program. It’s extremely challenging to eat well on vacation but I did my best and made sure to get some exercise! (After all, I was missing 4 days of bootcamp and wanted to make sure I could keep up when I got home!)

It was fun to make do with nature as my gym. I normally prefer to go to the gym for exercise and then just enjoy relaxing outdoors, but played with the kids outside and got great jump rope/jumping jack/picnic table workouts in! And then my inlaws took us all to Livingston Park/Dorrs Pond not far from their home in Manchester, NH.
I loved this place! The trail around Dorrs Pond was a mile around and there were park benches along the way so I’d run around and use the benches for my “bootcamp” stations for pushups, step-ups, dips, etc. They also have a very nice large playground for the kids. It felt great to balance fun, family time, exercise AND the great outdoors!

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  1. a beautiful spot for quiet contemplation (or climbing stairs) is the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, NY. the flowers are blooming right now too! gorgeous!

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