Balance Sleep & Exercise

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” ~Leo J. Burke

Bootcamp update: Week 5 of 12 And here is the challenge of finding balance and making commitments as a mother of small children, especially because I know how important sleep is for your health.

I didn’t get to bed last night until 10:45 pm. The dog started barking outside to be let in at 12:30am; our two year old was crying hysterically at 1:30am – I rocked her for a few minutes and she said, “go to bed” so I tucked her back in, went back to sleep and woke up again to her crying at 2:30am – same routine again. I struggled to get back to sleep knowing that the alarm was going off at 4:50

Somehow, I stumbled out of bed and pushed myself through a very challenging Monday morning bootcamp workout. Now mind you, I NEVER would have gone if I weren’t paying extra for the class (that and our trainer said that if we ever didn’t show up, we would 100 extra push ups and sit ups!)

Oddly 🙂 I became very focused on the topic of sleep today! I LOVE my sleep. The benefits of sleep for our health and well being are scientifically proven. In fact, making adequate sleep a priority is one of the highest-impact things you can do to maintain and improve your health, right up there with choosing healthy foods and getting enough exercise.

So what are we moms to do?! Balance is key, because you should not trade your sleep for exercise. Many of the benefits of completing tough workouts and taking in proper nutrition can easily be undermined and blunted in their effects if you deprive your body of its prime recovery/regeneration cycle. Here is a great article in Experience Life Magazine on the importance of getting to sleep! So be kind to yourself when you have little ones and try to nap when they do!

I’m definitely going to bed early tonight and praying for my good sleepers to resume their habits!

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