Finding Peace & Quiet

So my 4 year old woke me up first last night screaming and crying b/c he thought he had an accident but really just needed to go potty. I tried not to be cranky as I crawled back in bed only to be dragged out 2 hours later by my 2 year old screaming & crying “mommy” …. no idea what was wrong but I got her back to bed after 20+ minutes ….. it was 2:45am and I found myself staring at the clock trying not to fester about how tired I was going to be today.

The kids were both up for the day by 7 and I found myself stumbling around thinking that I had to make some SPA time today (Self-care Promotes Ability or maybe today’s acronym is “Self-care Prevents Anger!!”)

I have piles of work in our home office and limited help from family with watching the kids. Guilt often creeps into my thoughts telling me that any time without the kids should be spent working! So today’s thought: Finding a place of peace and quiet amidst the chaos and snuggling with these precious little ones before they get too big! 🙂

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  1. i love your acronym SPA – self-care promotes ability…it’s sooo positive! and it just makes sooo much sense! i’m having a cup of coffee this morning and i’m very grateful that my husband is working from home. it’s a good way to start the day.

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