REI Project Manager Shares her Wisdom!

Tam Benedetta | Project Manager, REI

Tam’s been in project management for over 20 years. She started at Nordstrom and has been at REI for 13 years now.


“I’ve gone from high heels and high fashion to tents and backpacks!”


I had the opportunity to get Tam’s perspective on why project management is so important and how certain components can help in other aspects of life!Not only is Tam’s outlook and energy amazing, but so is her wisdom as to the essential tools for managing energy and successful productivity.


Here’s some of what we covered – feel free to access the full recording below!


Why is project management such a valuable tool? 
  • People underestimate the amount of pieces and moving parts. So much to do. So little time. A project manager helps keep all the wheels on bus.
  • Providing visibility of work, impacts and risks associated is essential.
  • Provides visibility and insight into the issues that impact each other.
  • Thinking ahead to mitigate risks, yet keep the project moving forward.
  • Relational and emotional intelligence piece – people motivated differently and inspired differently. Takes creativity and skill to get everything done while keeping the team members motivated and on track.
  • Key piece: getting the right information and delivering the right information.
Takeaways for your next project (since most of us individuals and solopreneurs don’t yet have our own project managers!)


1. Identify all the pieces and parts of that new project, class or commitment
2. Evaluate how all the pieces impact each other and who’s involved
3. Evaluate how this projects impacts YOU, your team (if applicable) and your clients. What does a successful outcome of your project look like?


More success tips from Tam:
  • Keep your head and work area clear
  • Try to eliminate excess in physical space
  • Be prepared yet still remain flexible
  • Find a space that fits you – that’s yours. “This is your space to move your dream (business) forward”
  • Find out how you work:  How do you want your space to function? Optimizing your space optimizes your work-flow.
  • Use color to help organize your work
  • Find a morning routine to support you
In the MP3 audio, Tam also shares
  • Her favorite tools, technologies + non-technical creative tool that helps her connect and plan most effectively
  • Advice for those working from home, starting a new business, etc (hint: love that her key tips are mainly related to self-care!)
  • Tip to ground you when things might be challenging… or even when all is going well!
So fun to get this perspective! Thanks Tam!


If you’d love to hear more, I just added the interview to my members mp3  library for instant access. Would LOVE to have you join our community and enjoy the free interview series – just enter your name and email below and you’re in!




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