Well Grounded Life – Don’t Miss this!

So I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Grace Byrne from Well Grounded Life on why self-care is SO important and wanted to share a few of the amazing takeaways from this loving, authentic and inspiring conversation.

Full audio with all the juicy content is accessible in the SPA Time Living members library but here are a few of the insights Lisa shared

  • How the path of motherhood is a tremendous role and responsibility (and honor!) and how to adjust to the changes and lowered capacity for self-care.
  • How to re-frame the mindset of limitation and constriction – not enough time, energy or money.*The more limited our lives in terms of time and energy – the more we’re able to target and focus our efforts to really make a difference!

    Great news! So, if you find yourselves super busy, it’s a blessing! Targeting your self-care so that it’s not superficial but really restorative – actually fills your well much faster.

Some additional value she shared

  • Why self-care or what (Lisa prefers to call self-stewardship) is so essential to your quality of life and productivity
  • Many moms can keep giving even though their well is dry. But the gifts that are given are fundamentally different when given from a barren place than a place of abundance. Women have a fantastic capacity to give beyond what we have.
  • First gift we’re given is gift of self. A lot of times we’re not good stewards of that first gift. What is that modeling to our children and others around us?
  • Why caring for yourself is actually the most generous gift you can share with others.
  • The biggest weapon in Lisa’s arsenal on how to help overcome mechanical way of living or functional surviving so that the people who you love most are getting the best of you.
  • A powerful question that helps you become the best parent you can
  • A Question that can help you release expectations
  • An amazing reframe she uses on both her kiddos and herself: that can soften your heart and spirit and bring you patience and peace in those impossible moments
  • What to do when you didn’t handle a situation as well as you wanted to
  • The consequence of not giving yourself enough self-care
  • What systems and boundaries Lisa herself has in place
  • A tool to discover what exactly you need in terms of self-care
  • Lisa’s 5 life currencies, ways in which we invest in our life

Thank you, thank you Lisa. For your wisdom, for your time and for doing the work you do!

P.S. Want to hear this enlightening call? You’ll get access to the full audio mp3 as part of my free community library when you join us by signing up for The Weekly Retreat.

Lisa Grace Byrne is the founder of WellGroundedLife.com, an exceptional online community where she equips busy moms to live vibrant lives.

Lisa is a speaker, coach and teacher with a degree from Cal Poly State University in Biochemistry with an emphasis in Nutrition and Metabolism.

She holds a Masters in Public Health from Boston University and she is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University.  Lisa lives in New Jersey with her three children, husband and 110 pound yellow lab.

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