Caren’s PowerWeek Wisdom

What you can do with a teeny tiny course correction to shift your habits? A whole lot – shares Caren McVicker, Founder of

In this interview, Caren shares how came to be and what we can all learn from this nudge & grow web app. We also dive into some AMAZING tips, tricks and strategies from Caren’s own wealth of experience. Grab the full MP3 download of this call in our success library – see below!

*Takeaway today: Make a “No Matter What List” vs. To Do List

10 nuggets of wisdom to support your SPA Time Living journey of less stress and more productivity:

  1. Why focus on using “the week” in Powerweek to prevent end of month stress
  2. Why visual reminders & tools help create a trusted system so you don’t always have to be working.
  3.  If you have systems in place and you’re on track then you’re going to be nicer to yourself! Yes, really!
  4.  Her adjustment to being at a computer and desk more
  5.  Thoughts on multi-tasking and shifting gears faster in order to be 100% present with whatever you’re doing.
  6.  Love that she shared her meal schedule AND that she’s able to put dinner on the table every night during the week. Her tip makes shopping easier and helps relieve the stress of getting food on the table!
  7.  Caren’s advice for those working from home – and our discussion on boundaries and expectations!
    (Boundaries are part of your self-care – about respecting yourself enough to protect what’s most important!)
  8. How having less time actually helped her get more focused on what was important.
  9.  Myth of work life balance. (Hear Caren’s analogy on dancing and mine on juggling)  “It’s a dance. I dance with a lot of different people every day. It’s not about balancing them out because sometimes certain people, projects need more focus.
  10. Caren’s Magic Productivity Tool – THE 10/50:

You have so much that needs to be done at home, how do you not get distracted? Try what Caren calls her  10/50 method. I love this tool and have a similar version 🙂

Here’s how it works:

  • *Let your smart phone be a great tool – set a nice chime/timer inspirational sound to go off after 50 minutes.
  • *Work/focus on task/project until the alarm goes off
  • *When it goes off, instead of another alarm, have a 10 min play list
  • *Get up, move the laundry around or whatever you need to do and then when time’s up – resume a second “work” block
  • If you grab the MP3 – Free for SPA Time Living Community members – you’ll also hear what to do if you really need to focus on the house more than work on a particular day!
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YOUR TURN. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below…how do you manage distractions, make time for self-care and still get things done?



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