What’s Resilience got to do with Whac-a-mole?!


How do you handle life’s curveballs and challenges? I know you have them. We all do!

This is such a personal topic for me because it’s a skill I had to learn as a small child and it’s served me amazingly well throughout my nearly 4 decades.

I’ll share more of my personal story in my forthcoming book but this powerful life skill is part of what I teach. In my recent Mind-Body Habit Training, the subject came up more than once.

A common misconception is that resilience is a trait. It’s not. You can learn and develop this essential skill at any point in your life. So guess what? YOU CAN DO IT!

I go into much more depth in my programs teaching this essential skill but wanted to share some key pointers and pictures, especially the cute tubing pic taken of my family today! 🙂


5-Simple Steps to Boosting Resilience

  1. There’s a lesson or a positive in everything: practice finding it. 

  2. Become fascinated with people vs annoyed. They each have a story. 

  3. Embrace change. It’s your only guarantee 

  4. Integrate self-care & find healthy ways to cope with stress

  5. Develop strong social support, self-disclose your troubles and learn to ask for help.

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