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How to find blessings and lessons when it feels darn right impossible
How is it that sometimes we are able to "make lemonade from the lemons?" To find the blessings and lessons. And other times we feel like we're getting the short end of the stick? How do we ch[more]
The Mirror of Motherhood & Why You Should Let Your Children Teach YOU a Lesson or Two!
My aunt once told me that she was the greatest mother ever.... until she had kids. I laughed. And then I cried. Yes, this struck a chord. I thought I had it all figured out. My independent,[more]
What’s Resilience got to do with Whac-a-mole?!
Resilience.  How do you handle life's curveballs and challenges? I know you have them. We all do! This is such a personal topic for me because it's a skill I had to learn as a small child and i[more]
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