Making time – baby steps

“Your attitude is an expression of your values, beliefs and expectations” Brian Tracy

I’m experiencing first hand the difficulty in carving out any type of “me” time lately. We made the decision to stick with our original plan and sell our remodeled home after six years – not a days gone by that we haven’t felt gratitude for the spacious property and stunning mountain views, but it’s time to downsize (at least the property anyway!!)

Trying to get the house ready and keep it clean with messy kids and a very messy husband have become my daily challenge, coupled with working on our business, having Dillon start junior kindergarten and then the challenges of him getting sick after the first 2 weeks. Ugh.

I’ve decided that having sick kids reminds me of having a newborn. You don’t get any sleep. You are worried about them – checking on them more and having to monitor fluids, medicine, teaching them to blow noses or trying to coerce them into accepting the suction bulb (or “squeezer” as my two call it!)

All in all, I will admit that my “self-care” time has gone out the window the last month. I was getting my morning exercise regularly and starting 5:30am spinning classes 2x/week, but with the lack of sleep from waking up with sick kids – I’m remembering how hard it is to make exercise and self-care time when you are both mentally and physically exhausted. Time to remind myself: it’s not selfish to require this time and ask for help so I can at least get this in at some point in my day – even if I can’t make it before everyone wakes up!!

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