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I made the switch yesterday to an iPhone and found myself scrolling through application after application ……..wondering if this is just an electronic version of “clutter” to add to our lives.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely enjoying my new technology, especially since it’s quickly becoming my mini-work-communication station when I’m with the kids (which is most of the time right now) and unable to sneak into the office by a computer.

Ahhh…….the perpetual work/life balance.
So in lieu of random clutter on my phone …..I decided that I would just take a peek at fitness/wellness & personal productivity applications to see what might be worthwhile in helping to establish self-care as a priority. Okay, so I didn’t realize there were over 800 fitness/health apps and hundreds of productivity aps, so this will be a work in progress!

While I was trying to figure out this new device on day 1, I made the mistake of multi-tasking. I often place a high value on my multi-tasking abilities, but when it involves my children…..they often teach/remind me about priorities.
My son was brushing his teeth and I was just waiting for my 2 year old to finish her ice cream that daddy spoiled her with. I was standing in between the 2 and my daughter said “mommy, I’m messy.” I told her to hold on just a minute and didn’t look up right away b/c I was in the middle of setting up my email. The second time she said “I’m messy”, I looked over to see that she’d flung ice cream EVERYWHERE. I really mean everywhere. It’s like she learned to make a catapult with her plastic spoon to see what kind of splatter pattern she could make with strawberry ice cream.
Lesson learned: Might be best to set up new technology after the kids go to bed! The only problem was that I did resume setup and looking at applications and stayed up way too late last night! But stay tuned for my thoughts on the fitness/wellness aps!

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