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Our skin loses elasticity as we age. Over time, natural changes occur in the body’s chemistry and these changes effect the function and appearance of the skin. Add the leftover effects of pregnancy…..well, let’s face it: our skin will never look like it did in our teens & 20s!

While we can’t control humidity or pollution where we live, there are some controllable factors:

  1. Sleep: An adequate and restful amount of sleep is a major contributor to regeneration of all body tissues including the skin.
  2. Water: Water helps to flush impurities from the system, improve circulation and re-hydrate the skin.
  3. Nutrition: Good nutrition, comprising an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, provides the vitamins and minerals necessary for the production and maintenance of healthy skin.
  4. Exercise: Exercise stimulates the circulation and aids in the removal of impurities and toxins and as well as increasing energy and strength and toning the body.
  5. Stress: Physical and psychological stress have long been known to alter body chemistry, especially the type and mix of hormones that are circulated in the blood stream. Too much negative stress causes the body to produce stress hormones that can result in a tendency to skin allergies, blemishes, poor skin tone, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles!
  6. Toxic substances: smoking, caffeine, alcohol and some types of medications can adversely affect the skin resulting in a dull complexion, broken surface capillaries and dry, dehydrated skin.

A fun budget find:
Aveeno positively ageless moisturizer.
Smells great, definitely helps my very dry skin,
and seems to have helped the
overall skin tone/firmness within just a few days!

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  1. i’m going to try this after i finish the face cream i have now. i have aveeno moisturizer for my body and love it! thanks for the suggestion!

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