Wish you could find more clarity and control in your life? Have more energy and time? Feel more supported and understood as you navigate challenging daily stressors? Come start/join a conversation on the the blog, explore the options below …or start your Chaos Cleanse Mindfulness Journey F.R.E.E. by signing up here for access to our members only library.


Mindful Living

Create a positive ripple effect….at work and at home. Your ability to remain centered, calm and in control will support you, your family, your community and your professional success.

Energy/Time Management Accountability and Support: building the habits to get more done with less stress.

wellness retreat

Assess + Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is as great, if not a greater predictor of your success…as IQ, both personally and professionally. Allowing you to navigate daily stressors with grace & ease. Complete our easy SEI online assessment in just 15-20min + get EQ in action debrief/coaching.


wellness retreat

Chaos Cleanse™  Mindfulness Circle

Renew and re-energize your mind, body & soul with life-changing practices to clear your chaos, enhance your emotional intelligence and build rejuvenation rituals to get more done with less stress. Includes guest expert teachers, emotional intelligence assessment, virtual support circle and more.

women's renewal retreat

Chaos Cleanse™ Live Events/Retreats

This small intimate mindfulness rejuvenation retreat for busy moms happens just once a year. Join us to let go & relax as you discover the practices to maximize your energy and minimize your stress. Because you want to be your best. To make a difference. To find the strength and courage to keep going, even on the super crazy busy days.

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