Chaos Cleanse™ Productivity Support

Wouldn’t it be great to feel caught up, organized and in control of your daily juggling act vs. your current state of feeling too busy, stressed or overwhelmed?

Work. School and sports schedules. Meals. Laundry. Homework. Phone calls to make. Errands to do. Groceries to buy. More laundry. Arranging and executing carpools. Monitoring screen time. Deciding which activities to add and which to cut. Trying to get your own workouts in. Running from one place to the next. Oh, and sleep would be nice.

Some days, it all feels like too much.

Wish you had help?

Because it is possible to create stress-free productivity practices and habits that allow you to honor your priorities proactively – helping you feel back in control.

Together, we identify and “cleanse” the chaos that’s consuming your attention: projects, to do’s, and open loops. You know – all those things you said you’d do, but haven’t had a chance.

The simple process I take you through provides massive clarity + doable next steps that make it easy for you to take action. Together we create practices that you can maintain: a personalized holistic mindfulness-based approach to managing your energy and time so that you can thrive personally and professionally…… even when life’s events seem to be continually throwing you off course!

Next steps?

Not currently accepting clients, but feel free to access my library of free resources and stay in the loop.

“Thank you for an amazing day. I’ve been on a lot of retreats and today ranked at the top of the list.”

“I am a busy mom of two and hadn’t put much thought into the chaos in my life or how I could fix it. With Shari’s suggestions I have been more mindful of my habits and routines. I am learning quick and easy strategies I can do on a daily basis that help me reduce my stress. On top of all that, Shari is so wonderful to work with!! She is kind and understanding and a joy to talk to.”

“One day with Shari and other women was life changing. I loved every minute of the day.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I loved my first retreat! The time just flew by for me. I felt so relaxed when I left I thought I was going to fall asleep on the way home. You do such an amazing job of leading and facilitating the group and making it special for all of us”

“What I wanted to tell you was you have such a nice way of being the leader. You’re confident and interesting, you planned so well, and yet it wasn’t all about you. (does that make sense? I feel like I’ve been in group settings where either the leader is not comfortable/capable of leading and that’s not good, and on the flip side where the leader is great but it’s all about the leader) Anyhow, you’re just right!”

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