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Stress-Relief in a 24/7 World: Emotional Intelligence Matters

tech2We are both more connected and disconnected than ever. Unless you have a full time team in place to help you effectively lead and run all aspects of your life, you’re likely impacted by the emotional challenges of today’s 24/7 connectivity and demands… both personally and professionally.

So what’s the answer?


Trying to grow professionally while still honoring your dreams, aspirations and family commitments is not easy. This is your starting place. To begin noticing, understanding and leveraging emotions : we’re talking EQ in action!

“I found the SEI assessment to be an extremely valuable tool, especially with the insightful analysis and support that Shari provided during the personalized debrief. I am excited to use what I have learned to enhance my personal and professional development.” KNM – Cherry Hills Village, CO. 

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Dream Big : Development Report  

In-depth analysis for professional and personal growth to improve effectiveness, relationships,

EQ_DEV_REPhealth, influence, decision making, and quality of life. developing key capacities for living and leading with emotional intelligence.

Easily completed online, this statistically valid self-assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete online.  Comes with interpretation and development suggestions + 45 minute EQ in Action debrief call with Shari, focused on learning/development.

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Loving Life : Leadership Report   

The latest-generation EQ assessment is rigorous, practical, and actionable providing a clear picture of your EQ as a leader and an extensive customized development plan. We’re talking about you as a leader in a professional setting OR at home….in your family and in leading your own life.

The only tool based on Six Seconds’ model, the SEI-LR provides a clear picture of your emotional intelligence and how to develop these competencies to improve leadership. Easily completed online, this statistically valid self-assessment was developed and researched around the world providing a truly global perspective and comes with extensive interpretation and development suggestions and a 45min debrief/EQ in Action coaching call to help you apply your results.

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“I really enjoyed the SEI assessment and the analytical debrief with Shari. Our post-assessment debrief was an intense discussion of my strengths and how I can use my strengths to grow in areas of challenge. I gained some extremely practical insight and was able to walk away from the conversation with two action steps that are usable immediately. I’m looking forward to ‘choosing myself’ in my work setting. Thank you, Shari!”

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