Help! Time to just breathe….

So, we all have times in life where we need to stop everything. To acknowledge and honor what’s showing up. To just be present and breathe. entered this phase a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently it was my time to go beyond my personal “Chaos Cleansing” protocol and enter a HUGE and complete journey of healing and letting go.

I thought moving after 9+ years was hard enough, but before I even finished unpacking the downstairs…I was given a few more tests. All within 2 weeks.

  • I got news that the mother I lost to mental illness 32 years ago was diagnosed with terminal cancer…. and I knew I needed to go see her one last time.
  • We had a flood/sewer back-up in our new basement.
  • Our electric panel caught fire.

So yes. All I could do was just breathe. Cry. Talk. Sleep. Ask for help. Honor what my mind, body and spirit needed so I could heal…and learn the lessons I needed….and eventually get back to dealing with the rest.

I know many of you saw my note on Facebook and I thank you for the well wishes and sympathy on losing my mom (twice).

For those who don’t know the story…I feel it’s important to share. For so many reasons. But mostly because sometimes we need to see that it’s okay to slow down and turn inward. To heal and recognize that doing so is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. And to share how intuition, mindfulness and embodiment are essential companions for the journey.

I’m heading to Connecticut this weekend for my mom’s funeral and imagine that writing will comfort me on the 4 hour flight each way. And in the quiet moments back at the hotel. Or maybe it won’t. I’ll know when I’m there. I’ll listen.

And, when the time is right…you’ll see my story here first.

My hope is to show how healing impacts our individual and collective energy in powerful ways. And how to see the blessings and lessons in everything and everyone.

So please honor your intuition, my friend. And if all you can do today is just breathe…let that be enough.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I´m so impressed that you could sleep while your electric panel was burning,
    a perfect example of mindfullnes

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