The Surprising Habit You Need to Release

Change your habits, change your life : I know you’ve heard this but are you taking action?

A proper understanding of habits reveals that they can be changed. Especially this nasty little habit called OVERWHELM.

Yes. Overwhelm is a habit.corporate-retreat

Modern life trains us to focus on what is missing or wrong, which is when overwhelm takes over.

Call it chaos, stress, over-stimulation, overwhelm. They all go hand-in-hand.

There’s so much coming at us these days. 24/7 connectivity to media, entertainment and social networks. Information and expectation overload. All draining our energy, our willpower and our coping abilities. The problem is that we forget to press pause and refuel. To manage expectations. To create boundaries.

The New York Times article “Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime,” hits it right on the head: Even though people feel entertained, even relaxed, when they multi-task while exercising, or pass a moment at the bus stop by catching a quick video clip, they might be taxing their brains, scientists say. “People think they’re refreshing themselves, but they’re fatiguing themselves,” said Marc Berman, a University of Michigan neuroscientist.

Okay so how do you release the HABIT of overwhelm and build new habits of regular renewal and self-care?

1. Accept that overwhelm is self-imposed.
It’s a habitual coping response to challenges and change coupled with a lack of boundaries to protect your health, energy and/or values.

And I’m certainly not immune. I’ve encountered overwhelm at many points in my personal and professional life. The traditional solutions didn’t help much. No strategy can conquer overwhelm if we don’t stop “shoulding” on ourselves. BTW, shoulding = “I should be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing that, he should, she should, etc” 🙂

But I didn’t like this response.

As soon as I recognized the pattern, I decided to do something about it. I was not being the role model I wanted to be for my children. I wanted to THRIVE and help others do the same.So I looked back at what worked. Studied the masters. The science. The strategies and applicable wisdom around healthy success habits for living an authentic, extraordinary life even in the face of life’s daily stressors. This is my life’s work….to support you, because I know your life isn’t slowing down any time soon!

2. Change your beliefs about what MUST get done.
This takes some deep reflection and learning what I call The Art of Guilt-free, Non-negotiable Self-care. This is a collection of wisdom and science that’s changed my life and women worldwide…
 through our signature Chaos Cleanse™  program.

Here’s what I learned that will support your journey as well:

  • Being able to pause and reflect on what’s important to me and why…. and then taking action to live in alignment with my values. 
  • Finding the gifts and lessons in each moment. 
  • Learning to release the parts of my story (childhood trauma and unintentional neglect) that no longer serve me.
  • Learning to write my own story.
  • Serving from a place of empathy, gratitude, love and wisdom ….to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

3. Have goals but also focus on how you want to BE and FEEL on your journey from A to B.

You must stop waiting until “someday” to feel and be whole. Today is your someday.

4. Bring awareness to your habits and take action to “change your habits and change your life.”

See #3. Today is your someday!

5. Learn to ask for help, accountability and support.

You can’t do it alone. It really does take a village. Learning to ask for and accept help changed my life and is now enabling me to help you!

Remember, there’s no quick fix or one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a journey.

Start today to release the overwhelm and build your Self-care Power Habits that initiate a domino effect to positively impact all areas of your life. Example: exercising in the morning lifts mood + metabolism + willpower! Need help building your power habits? I’m your gal! Bye bye overwhelm…hello healthy, happy life!

Your turn! Comment below and tell me: what’s one habit you’d LOVE to add, release or KEEP, and why?

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11 Responses to The Surprising Habit You Need to Release

  1. The best thing I’ve read today! I love that you talk about nonnegotiable self care. I call my little regime 5+ a day. I make sure I do these five self love inducing things everyday and it really helps. I also am glad that you brought up our accountability for overwhelm. So often do we believe that outside influences “made” us feel overwhelmed so thank you for putting us back above the line away from blame excuses and denial!

  2. I love the reminder that overwhelm – like everything else – is a choice! We often forget and give our power away by saying that we’re so busy, busy, busy and overwhelmed…but we are choosing that state of mind in each new moment.

    When I get overwhelmed, I get into my body – despite the ego resistance. Even 5 minutes of breathwork, crazy dancing, hula hooping – or an hour of yoga! – can often break the spell!

  3. Awesome. So much truth here. Overwhelm is part of life and you just have to learn practical ways to deal with it. It’s all choice. Great post!

  4. You totally nailed the habit I need to release: Overwhelm! There will always be things I need to do. But there will also always be time to do them.

  5. I love the line that overwhelm is self-imposed! It’s so easy to think we have to say yes to everything. I am in the habit of saying no with love. I can’t do my best in this world if I am everything to everyone.

  6. Wonderful post Shari. I agree that we have to take accountability and set boundaries. We often create our own overwhelmed through overanalyzing and not saying no. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great post! I loved no 3, I think that’s where all our problems start and if we let that one go, if we can really live in the today, life is a lot better already.

  8. “Have goals but also focus on how you want to BE and FEEL on your journey from A to B.” Love it! Thanks for a great post!

  9. i was just talking about overwhelm! thank you for a great post – i find #2 especially helpful in my own life.

    • Jeden jak dla mnie lepszych tekstów na tym blogu. RozkrÄ™caj to dalej. A najważniejsze jest to, że LUBISZ siebie i zmieniać siÄ™ nie chcesz – bo nie warto tego czynić dla innych – tylko dla siebie – jeÅ›li widzimy takÄ… potrzebÄ™ Widzisz ja „chcÄ™ być elegancka, przebojowa” – im dalej, tym cel jest bliżej. Zatem – Uwierz w siebie! &#8R22;2adomska!” bÄ™dzie mi tego brak krzyczÄ…c, że znów jesteÅ› frajerem i coÅ› zrobilaÅ› po Radomsku. Jakim cudem moje mieszkanie jest caÅ‚e?

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