A big thank you to Heidi for sharing a link that introduced me to Ruth Reardon’s book “Listening to the Littlest,” where Reardon employs the voices of children to convey wisdom, assurance, consolation, and hopefulness to parents who can learn from the “littlest” if they have ears to hear.

I read some of the excerpts and HAD to find myself a copy of this book – a challenge, since it’s out of print now. I ended up ordering a used copy from Amazon and can’t wait to get it, but here are a few excerpts that might entice you to track down your very own copy as well!

How do I learn just who I am? I learn from you who I am. Within your eyes I see reflected me. Within your voice I hear how you see me You are the mirror that I look into and mold the image of myself. I sense the way you hold me, and from your touch I feel my form, my shape.

And if I like what I see in your eyes, your voice, your touch– My heart responds and reaches out. Then in its reaching, grows and grows, until I see myself as separate. That separate self–in turn– can love you back. Because you taught me who I am, and I am loved.

When you’re good to yourself you’re good to me. So, now and then, have a day away– Buy a gift for yourself— I’ll share it, too, for your feelings flow out to me.

“Always make time, minutes of time, minutes of love. Keep showing me that you love me. If I learn to love, it will be a priceless gift. Whatever I can, or cannot, do, if I love, I’ll receive so much. So express it–giving yourself– hugging takes only a minute, But the print of the hug on my heart lasts forever. “

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