Happy Place

“We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.”

I first learned of Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa when I lived briefly in Scottsdale, Arizona. My cousin returned from the resort in Tuscon and told me that the experience was life changing.

Since then, anyone who has been has relayed their own version of “I feel like a new person.”

So let me tell you – even though I haven’t gone yet, Canyon Ranch and their Power of Possibility motto is my vision and my happy place.

Sometimes, when my cranky toddlers are unraveling my nerves, I’ll make a quick “virtual” escape by browsing the beautiful website and the lovely brochures I ordered last year of this peaceful holistic oasis – I take a couple deep breaths, pretending that I’m surrounded by the environment of calm, focused wellness, instead of whining and tantrums!

This small act of self-care is often enough to shift my perspective and keep me centered and calm so I can remain the rational adult!

My intention is to visit Canyon Ranch in person at my first opportunity, to experience and relay my own life changing story – I will keep you posted!

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