Benefits of Play!

We had my 4 yr old’s field trip to Pump it Up last week and I was surprised at how much fun I had too! I spent the entire 2 hours climbing through bouncy mazes and obstacle courses, hoisting my 2 yr old Shayla up climbing walls and through tunnels. I was thoroughly worn out when we left!

I started thinking about “play time” and realized that I’ve become so consumed and focused on my multitude of responsibilities that I subconsciously shunned playtime because I just didn’t have time.

What happened?! I used to be fun and spontaneous! Not only that, but I know there are important benefits of play for both children AND adults!

Here’s a quick rundown on a great article I found- You can link to the article itself by clicking the top ten reasons to play title below:

Many adults (like me!) see play as a luxury that must be“ squeezed in”. This article will show you that this view is misguided. “Infusing play into your day can keep you emotionally balanced and can reduce stress. People who avoid play may become lost in the world of fear, anger, and obsessive worry. Play provides us with an opportunity to choose positive alternatives to struggle and worry.”
The next time you are feeling stressed and as if you can’t add one more thing to your full plate, take a break and PLAY. This is great advice for everyone, especially for those of us who have children at home who LOVE attention and play time with mommy.

“At play, we are all children. Unburdened by consciousness or self-consciousness, we are caught in the moment. Suffused with pleasure, we exult in the sheer lightness of being. Yet, as welcome and wonderful as those feelings are, play’s value among adults is too often vastly underrated. It refreshes us and recharges us. It restores our optimism. It changes our perspective, stimulating creativity. It renews our ability to accomplish the work of the world.”

by Marianne St. Clair

  1. Play can inspire you to think differently
  2. Playing can bring greater joy into your life
  3. Play is known to reduce stress
  4. Playing on a regular basis can increase longevity
  5. Play can reduce struggle, conflict, and worry
  6. Play can increase your sense of lightness
  7. Play can stimulate the imagination, curiosity, and creativity
  8. Playing softens the heart — as the heart becomes malleable, the risk of hypertension and depression decrease
  9. Play can greatly enhance your energy levels
  10. Play can provide you with an opportunity to take risks
I’m not usually the one to take the kids to play, but looks like it might be in all of our best interests to add some play time WITHOUT GUILT!!

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