Motivation vs. Discipline

“Discipline is remembering what you want.”
David Campbell
Sometimes the key to making time for exercise and self-care is more about discipline than motivation.

I’m almost always motivated to exercise. I love it! From age 17 (almost two decades now) I’ve found a direct correlation between my mood and exercise.

If I’m cranky, a quick 30 minute workout always lifts my mood. But there are the days where you wake up and it’s cold and snowy and you want to crawl back in bed. Or there’s too much to do….everyone needs you, and frankly, you are just too tired.

These are my usual obstacles, but I’m letting go of guilt and realizing that I’m better at everything I do when make this time for myself this time before everyone gets up for the day.

My 3x/week 6 am boot camp is reconnecting me to my internal discipline. After week 1, I’m already feeling stronger despite some serious muscle fatigue! I’m getting more done with more energy.

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