PhD on Integrating Mindfulness + Technology?!!

Okay, here’s my amazing news – and a pic of the family celebrating alongside my hubbie’s bday!


2 months from today, I will begin my PhD in Psychology with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology. 

As I hung up the phone yesterday, my heart felt so full. “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!” was still resonating in my ears as I processed this new chapter in my life.

What a beautiful way of integrating everything I’ve done and experienced in my 40 years.

My passion has always been to help others navigate challenges and access the focus, attention, energy and resources they need to show up fully at work, home and life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My commitment and beliefs honor the fact that we are always learning and growing.

And in today’s busy, 24/7 connected world, we are constantly being presented with new opportunities, pressures, and expectations.

So I begin my journey with many questions and much excitement.

And as I lean into the questions, I’d love to have you by my side.

To ask the questions that come up for you. To share your reflections.

I’ll be exploring and researching how we use technology to effectively facilitate lifelong learning and growth while also creating mindfulness habits, practices and boundaries that allow us to connect meaningfully + create downtime to integrate and assimilate our learning.

Of course I have a special place in my heart to support busy moms and caregivers who need extra compassion and care to escape the busy reactive cycles of stress.

So….if any of these topics interest you – please enter your email/sign up for updates.

Thank you for celebrating with me.

And now it’s YOUR TURN : What are you celebrating this week?

Little things/big things/anything….let’s lift the light and energy together by leaving a comment below…I’d LOVE to hear from you!!


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One Response to PhD on Integrating Mindfulness + Technology?!!

  1. What great news! Going back to school is really hard but well worth the effort.
    I’m bombarded by new technology everyday for my job. It is impossible to keep up with everything. I have to choose what things I know about, what I actually use, and what I need to teach others. We live in a world that is changing faster than we can keep up.

    Celebrating the fact that spring has finally arrived in New England and I can work in my garden.

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