What are you thankful for?

fall2013My pre-thanksgiving toast.

“Hello dear ones…thank you for being here.

Yes thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.

A reminder to pause, reflect & slow down.

The message this year was quite profound.

As I said goodbye to one who helped bring me life.

It put things in perspective and helped me release some past strife.

Also A big move…. and my 40th birthday.

So many transitions. Still finding my way.

So today I hold my family close and feel the warmth of their embraces.

I notice my heart melting as I look into their faces.

For they love and adore me… and have shown me that love heals.

They’ve taught me how amazing our connection feels.

It’s small acts of kindness and holding space for each other.

Self-compassion and patience… I’ve learned as a mother.

Knowing that ups and downs are part of our common humanity.

Permission for healing… and letting go… and vulnerability.

So today at Thanksgiving, I know in my heart to be true.

That love, light and healing are here for each of you.

Thank you for the little acts of kindness you share throughout your days.

For helping create positive change in both big and small ways.

You do make a difference and that’s no small feat.

So honor your part….and yes, now you may eat!

Love you all!”

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