Unplugging in our Age of Distraction

So thrilled to discover Margaret Wheatley’s work in my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. Such wisdom and perspective.

We create ourselves by what we chose to notice.

“Once this work of self-authorship has begun, we inhabit the world we have created. We self-seal. We don’t notice anything except those things that confirm what we already think about who we already are. When we succeed in moving outside of our normal processes of self-reference and can look upon ourselves with self-awareness, then we have a chance at changing. We break the seal. We notice something new.”

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image25443868Margaret asks in a recent article, “Are we so distracted that we can no longer pay attention to where we are and where we’re going?”

She explains here how we cannot stop the proliferation of seductive technologies or the capacity destroying dynamics of distraction. But we can change our own behavior.

“To restore good human capacities—thinking, meaning-making, discerning—we need to develop discipline.”

“We need to be mindful of distraction, and disciplined enough to shut off the computer, put the phone down, make time for casual conversations, sit patiently, and listen—all without getting anxious that we’re wasting time, that we won’t get through our to-do list, that we’re missing out on something.”

So my dear Spa Time Living readers, I invite you to to slow down and notice.

Set the intention to pause. To let go. To disconnect.


Let’s start right here.

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you plan to do today to disconnect from the outside distractions and reconnect with self-awareness, mindfulness and presence?


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14 Responses to Unplugging in our Age of Distraction

  1. Fabulous reminder. Today I’m going to sit outside while eating lunch. I’ll leave my phone and computer & ebook elsewhere. Just breathe the fresh air & enjoy each bite. Thank you!

  2. Sounds wonderful Helene 🙂 I’m leaving this afternoon to go with my husband, kids, sister-in-law and her fam to the mountains …camping. Mind you…I don’t really CAMP but we’re using my cousin’s nice camper and apparently will have no cell phone or internet coverage. Kind of excited about that part. Disconnecting……..

  3. True! Meal times are when I consciously switch off and engage, and be present. Also, appreciate my food, gratitude and the company I’m in. great reminder, thank you!

    • Beautiful Christie, thank you. Beginning with space really sets the precedent for the day, doesn’t it?! xoxo

  4. I love this! Today I have an energy healing with crystals and am subbing two yoga classes. I work a lot online and getting out to teach or take a class or a healing is such a blessing. Today will be greatly off-line actually with all the time I need to spend in the studio. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the reminder. I have a hard time shutting down and finding a time to do a “hard shut off” at a particular time. Because I’m building my own website, brand and business it is so tough for me to not say “just one more” before bed.

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Oooo, Jenny – I can so relate. Creating our own space and boundaries is so important because there will always be “just one more!” 🙂 This always comes down to setting up some accountability when trying to shift our habits. Sending you much love and strength for the “hard shut off!”

      Oh, and you might want to try creating a nice transition ritual to make it easier 🙂

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