Frazzled to Fabulous: Taming Overwhelm Tip #1

dreamstime_xs_34518347So you’ve said yes to a few too many things. Now you’re feeling overextended. Overwhelmed. Frazzled.

You’re not sure how you’ll ever “get it all done.”

So you start to skip the things you love or want to do because there just isn’t time.
And before you know it, you find yourself in negative spirals and habits.

The negative self talk sets in, “why can’t I just catch up so I can make time?”

You start with the coffee. You skip out on sleep.

You spiral into the “always busy but not getting anything important or meaningful done” trap.

Any of this sounding familiar?

If so, I’m giving you full permission to STOP. Right now. It’s time for you to join the mindful, conscious living movement to leave the stress behind.

Your taming overwhelm tip #1 is… to learn the art of guilt-free, non-negotiable self-care.


I want to teach you 3 simple steps to get started because this message is so important.

  1. Before we dive into building your habit muscles, you have to start by knowing how to clear out the chaos. It always helps to have a guide or a support system to help you de-stress, renew and refocus. So start by grabbing a pen and paper. YES pen (or pencil) and paper – not the computer. If you’re trying to be paperless, great: use some scratch paper and recycle after we’re done. (if you want to know why this is so important, join us next Friday at the live retreat!)
  2. Write down 5 things that renew your energy and overall sense of well-being.
  3. Write down 5 things that deplete your energy.

Warning: there may be things that reside on both lists!
For me, my children are on both! 🙂  If this happens to you – get more specific about what exactly renews or depletes you.

Nice work. You’ve taken the first steps to identifying what’s causing stress and a few possible sources of renewal.

Awareness is the first step, right?!

If you need help connecting the dots and learning to embrace the habit of self-care 100% guilt-free…click here to check out the Chaos Cleanse Virtual Vitality Retreat .

Your turn: Comment below and tell me one of your renewal or depletion revelations from the exercise above.

Sending light, love and renewal,

4 Responses to Frazzled to Fabulous: Taming Overwhelm Tip #1

  1. Oh girl, your timing is spot on! I’m just getting out of overwhelm. Thank god ;).

    1 thing that depletes me: overcommitting (I’m practicing saying “no”)
    1 thing that renews me: nature (I just went on a fabulous hike – it’s food for the soul!)

    • Thanks Kristen! Learning no is a tough thing sometimes, right?! I’ve been there and finally figured out that having a trusted system to show you everything you’ve said YES to…makes it SO much easier to say no!

  2. Shari – my renewal list includes: running, reading, tea, and hanging w/my sister. My kids are on both lists, too!

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