Manifest Moxie, Wokie Nwabueze

Wokie shares her amazing insights and wisdom around helping women find the language to communicate what they need, what they think, and what they want.

So why is it that most women are challenged when it comes to communicating around our own needs?

What is the relationship between self care and communication?

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Some great takeaways:

We all started as great communicators. And then somewhere along the way, we started to unlearn this essential skill.

Reflection and self-discovery is key. First step is to tap into some of your past messaging and environments. Did you take the role of the strong one that didn’t ask for help? What messages did you get around what you should and shouldn’t say?

What do you do if had bad experiences with asking in past?

  1. Review how you asked. Were you in an emotional state? Did you put them on the defense or were you mindful, clear and able to have the right tone.
  2. When you make a request, be crystal clear about exactly what you want.
  3. Help person understand the benefit or consequence of not getting what you want.

How to communicate effectively so recipient doesn’t get defensive.

  1. Don’t use language that makes people feel defensive or judged.
  2. Be specific
  3. Say as little as possible (I love this!)

It’s time to find the language, awareness and courage to ask for what you want and speak up for yourself!

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Wokie Nwabueze believes that when you own the power of your voice, you own the power to change the things that matter in life, in your work and in your business.

She has 19+ years of experience as a negotiator, mediator + communication strategist and teaches women how to ask for what they want, set boundaries and say what needs to be said through her signature course, Manifest Moxie.

She lives in NJ with family and lives online at

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