Self-care wisdom from Mindful Parenting Coach, Natanya Lara

Yippee! More parenting love and support thanks to Natanya Lara, Mindful Parenting Coach and founder of Grow Together Parenting.

You know that thing that happens, when you get triggered by your child? Natanya helps parents move past this place; shifting reactive responses, creating mindful parenting practices, and building healthy family dynamics.

Natanya works deeply with clients to help them actually shift their mindset, which sets them up for success in creating new habits. Her clients say she is a wonderful listener, who creates a safe space for this deep work and change.

Natanya has two boys, Gabriel age 6 and Isaac age 4. She has been a stay at home mom, a full time working mom, an entrepreneur mom, a married mom, and a single mom! She credits her children as being her guide posts for staying grounded and true to herself.

I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Natanya from Grow Together Parenting on her perspective regarding my big question: why is self-care SO important?

Here are the great insights we covered:

  • Why we’re so exhausted as parents
  • Why parenting is the most important job on the planet
  • Why self-care is not a luxury and is an essential practice for parents
  • How to identify and embrace the teachable moments
  • Awareness around self & relationship to child
  • Learn Natanya’s 30-60 second grounding practice for those stressful moments: to help you release the stress & expectations, become more present, and find strength, and reframe
  • What gets in the way of self-care and how can you revive/reset even with minimal time
  • How Natanya makes time – her adaptable toolkit + strategies no matter where you happen to be
  • Her evening “disconnect” routine to quiet the mind
  • Consequences of not making time for self-care

Thank you my dear Natanya for sharing your wisdom and gifts with the world!

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  1. hi! i have just joined this community and am interested in the mp3 of NATANYA LARA and another guest you have highlihgted. how do i get connected? thanks so much
    shannon arntfield

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