Why You Hate Time Management

“Time” Management is an issue I’ve dealt with. How about you?

After becoming an entrepreneur and a mother all within 3 months, I learned an important lesson. Unfortunately, that lesson took me about 5 years to learn.

After depleting myself beyond recognition and putting myself last…I hit an all time low before I realized that I needed an integrated approach to stay healthy and productive even while performing the juggling act of all times.
One that took all my roles & responsibilities into account and helped me address my mindset, habits & boundaries. The old ways weren’t working and I was tired of feeling powerless.

I started to realize the problem with the traditional “time management” techniques that I used to love and be good at.  The clarity was simple: You can’t manage time. But you can manage YOU.

When it’s just you- you actually can manage time quite well…… your 24 hours are pretty much yours to structure and you can get a lot done!

But when you add in a business + spouse + kids + pets and the list goes on…you’re dividing the same number of hours by many more roles, responsibilities and projects.

So then it comes down to you. Hmmm…well, how do you leverage your ability to get things done? How do you effectively manage you then? ‘

My answer was to spend the last 4 months developing the Stress-Free Productivity Formula – a wellness & productivity integration program grounded in time-tested methods and scientific principles, along with my own obsession and experience with more organization, time management and self-development programs and systems, than I could ever count!

And after 20 years of studying and implementing, and the last 8 years…course correcting to integrate motherhood – here’s what I’ve learned:

Every one of the programs and systems out there has some great takeaways and SOME things that work, but there was often something missing or the process itself was so complicated that I found myself distracted from actually accomplishing anything.

I felt like there was a disconnect on actually being able to implement or “stick with the program” especially working from home and juggling motherhood…and I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m almost all done adding and incorporating feedback from my wonderful beta test group along with new bonuses and content to the Stress-Free Productivity Formula: 28 day Mind-Body Habit Training!

Thanks to those of you who joined the FREE Teleseminar last Friday where I touched on all 6 principles of the formula – if you’d like the replay or didn’t get a chance to hear: head on over to register for your FREE access.
Here’s one of my favorite comments/feedback I got. 🙂
Halfway through listening to it Shari (it’s so packed with helpful information I have to take it slow!) and I love it. Great work and thanks for sharing!!
So do me a favor…give it a listen and comment below to let me know what you think! (P.S. tip for finding time to listen to this super valuable 50 minute FREE teleseminar: it streams as mp3 so put it on your phone and listen while exercising, doing laundry, cleaning or driving!)

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