SPA Time Mom starts SPA Time Living

Yes, that’s me. SPA Time Mom. In the early years of motherhood and mayhem, I longed for trips to the SPA to rest, restore and renew. The closest I got was to create SPA Time Mom as a blog  in 2009. Just starting to write and figure out how to integrate the NON-NEGOTIABLE self care that I knew I (and all my fellow overwhelmed mamas!) needed became my mission.

But of course, I got distracted as we mothers do. Life got in the way and some days I thought I had it figured out and other days – well, let’s just say it was more like Crazy Time Living…but we’ve all been there! 😉

Motherhood has been my greatest teacher over the last 8 years. It’s forced me to pull out all stops and tap into my creativity and my intention to  make a difference.  I had to stop the “people pleasing” and “trying to fit myself into the right mold” because the costs became to high.

As I found the courage to be authentic, I began to pave my own path. I love to get things done, be productive and am a bit of a workaholic BUT Family-wellness-work-life  must all fit together for me because they’re all equally important and thus my mission was born.  My most favorite thing is to keep learning, evaluating, growing and finding ways to improve…and then sharing this knowledge and connecting as a community.

…. and so I’ve evolved over the last few years from my title of SPA Time Mom to a more integrated approach: SPA Time Living. Because the SPA TIME MOM blog was a fundamental part of this journey: I moved the last 3 years of postings on over here, in case you were wondering!

I’m so excited for the amazing resources, programs and connections that have been evolving to help bring a SPA Time way of life @ SPA Time Living.

SPA Time Living is a whole-hearted approach to help women develop overwhelm resilience.

My mission:

  • to help women integrate wellness & purposeful productivity
  • create vitality support teams and communities to hold us accountable for  guilt-free, non-negotiable self-care.
  • build resilience and support to lower stress and anxiety
  • build stronger  family connections
  • handle information overload
  • become more present

And just for fun, here are a few of the many acronyms I love for S.P.A. (although I chose SPA because of exactly what going to the SPA represents!)

  • Self-care Promotes Ability
  • Self-care Productivity Authenticity
  • Strategic Self-care Purposeful Productivity Authentic Action 
  • Self-care Prevents Anger, anxiety, attitude! 🙂

Can you think of some more?!


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