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Do you wish you had more time to “get it all done” and do what YOU love…. but you feel guilty about taking time away from the family/kids/clients…and the list goes on?

Do you feel exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed by the number of roles, responsibilities, commitments and to do lists spinning around your head?

You’re not alone by any means. And it’s not your fault for feeling overwhelmed in this complex juggling act of life…no one ever taught us how to handle it all.

That why I’m here. To support you and and equip you to be the strongest, best, complete version of YOU.

And, it’s not only okay to make time for you and ask for help… it’s essential.   

SPA Time Living gives you

  • Online healthy productivity classes, personalized coaching/consulting packages & training to show you exactly how to regain control of your time, your projects, your results and your life!
  • You’ll get easily actionable steps to help you integrate healthy habits & wellness into your life NOW!
  • Learn more about mindful breathing and mindset tools to help you cut through the information and clutter… to make space for your health, find your purpose and really make a difference.
  • Support and accountability to keep you on top of your game while  juggling the work-life-family-responsibility balance – you need someone in your corner!

Want to be a good role model? 

  • Then you must stay connected to what makes you tick. What renews you, nurtures your mind, body and spirit so that you are not just surviving but thriving and giving back in a big way! Your kids and colleagues are watching and learning from what you do….. and what you don’t do. I’ll help you be the good example.
About SPA Time Mom:
Shari Beaudette



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