About Shari

Shari Beaudette 

B.S. Exercise & Sport Science
MBA: Marketing Communications & Organizational Development

So who am I, and why should you listen to me?

I <3 IdeaMensch

  • My mission is to serve you. To give you programs, resources and support to navigate challenge, change and overwhelm and still thrive with intention, passion, authenticity and purpose by creating space for self-care.
  • Passions: Family, whole-person wellness, yoga, mind-body work, habits and human behavior, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, lifelong learning, productivity, time management and organization.
  • I’m a Wellness-Productivity Integrator, author and online-program creator & facilitator (Author of Forthcoming book, “Life Lessons Learned from Laundry :: 10 Mindful Living Habits to Cleanse the Chaos When Work, Life & Laundry Keep Piling Up” AND co-author of the upcoming book: 101 Great Ways to Compete In Today’s Job Market)
  • I help you navigate your crazy busy, over-scheduled life to create space for self-care to give you strength and resilience for all life’s challenges, distractions and obstacles. 
  • SPA Time Living programs are created to help you limit stress and overwhelm and the ongoing negative chatter and ego. I’ll help you handle change,  build awareness and create healthy habits to boost your strength, resilience and productivity. And I’ll be your reminder and your advocate that self-care is NON-NEGOTIABLE.


Building proactive renewal & self-care into everyday life prevents overwhelm and exhaustion while increasing productivity.

I am obsessed with learning and personal growth. I have chosen the mindset to look at each life challenge as a lesson… a strategy that’s helped me tremendously as I’ve had to personally navigate some pretty traumatic events, including losing my mother to severe mental illness when I was just a baby.

Self-care, organization & systems, and learning to accept love and support have been essential tools along my journey and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve now from a place of love, compassion, understanding and support. I get it, and I can help.

A few more of my experiences I bring to serving you:

  • My own work-life-balance juggling act/experience as a mother of 2 and a multi-passionate solopreneur. Yes, my children + this juggling act have taught me more than everything else combined! 🙂
  • TRAVEL! Traveled to Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Italy, France and the UK. (My greatest lessons on connecting worldwide)
  • Consultant, educator, and trainer in the fitness industry: helping clients create healthy habits around fitness & health
  • Project for NIKE’s Global Management Development & Learning Department, evaluating their use of consultants
  • Developed systems, strategies & project mgmt skills in organizing  and growing a start-up into an award-winning remodeling company
  • Completed yoga-sculpt certification and an 8-week 200 hour Yoga teacher training through CorePower yoga.
  • Project management for virtual consulting firm.

The greatest gift/lesson/challenge of all: Motherhood!

Of course all my passions for health, wellness, organizational & personal development were seriously compromised when I became a mom in 2004, with the birth of our son. From starting up a new company in early 05, to experiencing two heartbreaking miscarriages, I learned first-hand the challenges of balance and prioritizing, while trying to raise our son, attend to a new business and grieve our losses.

In May 2006, just 5 weeks after finding out I was pregnant for the 4th time…I started having complications again. After weekly (sometimes daily) scares and visits to the OB and ER, I was put on bed rest at just 15 weeks and admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks. 100days of bed rest later (serious nightmare for a control freak!), our baby girl was born 2 months early. Just when we thought we were out of the woods, our little one was diagnosed with a rare lung disease and admitted to children’s hospital. After a long scary journey, she outgrew her disease and I could finally let go. Breathe. Stop being so strong and holding it together for everyone…and take a bit of time for me.

As I struggled to rebuild me and adapt to my new realities, I knew then and there that helping others through this role/responsibility juggling journey would ultimately be my mission… and so I continue to listen, learn, grow & share – to help you along your own journey to integrate wellness AND productivity. I’m here to shift perspectives. It’s not “either, or” but “both, and.” The key is to authentically know what it is that renews and restores you. What is wellness to you, besides getting your cardio and strength training in? What makes you feel alive and energized? What enables you to be your best and bring your God-given gifts to the world?

I will teach you to recognize, honor and incorporate these essential gifts of authentic self-care into your daily life and daily habits – so you can juggle it all without dropping the “glass” balls.

So, as you practice your juggling acts, Join The Weekly Retreat to get your free tips & resources…. and thank you for joining me on this journey!

Sending light & love,

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