Chaos Cleanse is about creating space and time for what matters most.

It’s about SIMPLIFYING and showing up fully. We want to model love and mindfulness and focus on managing our energy vs. our time. We want to honor feelings and cultivate empathy, compassion and resilience. We want to keep learning and growing and asking questions as we discover how to best navigate today’s busy world. For us. For our children. For our communities. Want in? Start here.

Shari Beaudette

So who am I, and why should you listen to me?

I am a wife, mother, author, communications professional and lifelong learner who faces daily the juggling act of work, life, school, homework, hockey, soccer (and the list goes on).

As founder of Chaos Cleanse/formerly Spa Time Living, I am on a mission to help the overwhelmed discover the art of guilt-free, non-negotiable self-care and self-compassion to create positive change.

My mission is to give you powerful support to navigate challenge, distraction and stress and still thrive with passion and purpose by creating space for self-care.

I believe:

That we are the foundation for creating positive change in our families and our communities …and how can we model love, compassion, resilience, etc unless we’ve learned to cultivate ourselves.

That we must prioritize healing and renewal in order to stay healthy and show up for ourselves and our families.

We must cleanse the chaos and stop the incoming instead of always looking to add something more to fix what’s wrong in our lives.

That regular renewal is not a luxury but an inherent need we have that’s part of the body’s stress/recovery response.

In finding the lesson or blessing in each challenge… a strategy that’s helped me tremendously as I’ve had to personally navigate some pretty traumatic events.

We must mindfully choose to create our habits before our habits create us.

We are all here to discover, honor and share our unique gifts with the world.

The body, brain and behavior are inextricably interwoven and we must honor the body’s role in learning, growth and change.

In continued growth & learning and embracing your whole self vs. unattainable perfection.

That we can’t reach our potential without social support + accountability.

It’s our duty to create and find the support system we need if we don’t  have one….so that we can show up as our best selves and learn to mother/nurture both our children and ourselves.

In learning to accept love and support, not only from others, but from ourselves.

Pieces of my journey that support YOU

  • My own work-life-balance juggling act/experience as a mother of 2 and a multi-passionate entrepreneur/communications professional. Yes, our children + this juggling act have taught me more than everything else combined! Between bedrest, a preemie with health challenges, my strength and resilience is essential.
  • Consultant, educator, and trainer in the fitness industry: helping clients create healthy habits around fitness & health – while navigating life’s ups and downs.
  • Project for NIKE’s Global Management Development & Learning Department, evaluating their use of consultants because yes, we all need to know how to ask for support.
  • Holistic systems, strategies and organizational development to grow a start-up into an award-winning remodeling company
  • Completed yoga-sculpt certification and an 8-week 200 hour Yoga teacher training through CorePower yoga.
  • Personal exploration of healing and wellness practices to support stress management and total wellness.
  • MBSR :: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Participant.
  • Study and application of research-based self-compassion work of Kristin Neff, Ph.D and the Science of Willpower by Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D.
  • TRAVEL! I’ve been to Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, the UK, Canada, Mexico and have many more stops I’d love to explore. My greatest lessons on connecting with amazing diverse cultures and communities before the days of internet and social media!
  • I believe in a growth mindset. In exploring the lesson and blessing in everything. I believe in self-compassion and kindness as part of the total wellness equation. We are modeling in each moment. We create a ripple effect. In ourselves. In each other. In our children. I’m here to support your journey.
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