Pick your  ”Rescue Pack” 1st and then choose your Productivity Package. You’ll be on your way to controlling your chaos with my signature 3 step solution to stomping out stress & renewing your resilience. And yes…I’ll admit it! The “rescue pack” name was inspired by hearing a few too many episodes of Dora and Diego when my children were younger! 

Make Time for YOU – Fit to Succeed

This self-care strategy,  mind-body program gives you virtual renewal, support and habit training to MAKE your self-care time non-negotiable as an intentional productivity success strategy. Includes awareness assessment and wellness accountability. This is for you if you need the accountability and may even be in the industry, but have a tough time prioritizing yourself because you’re focused on everyone else.

Get More Done – Project Planning
Trying to add a new program, class or businesses into your already chaotic life? Feel like you’re drowning? I’ll help you immediately set priorities and reclaim control to stop the overwhelm with proven project & time management systems to integrate the incoming.  We’ll make sure you have everything you’ve said YES to documented and organized and depending on which package you select, I can help you stay accountable as your virtual project manager.

Chaos Cleanse – Mind-sweep
Do you have so many to dos swimming around your head and no clue how to prioritize because they’re ALL important? Let’s clear your head, your heart, and your chaos! You will gain unbelievable clarity and relief as I help you extract it all and organize it into specific projects, next actions and help you evaluate which time management system will work best for you. Sign up with me for WEEKLY mindsweep sessions and I can guarantee that you’ll feel as relaxed as when you walk out of the spa!

Get It Done NOW – Implementation
You think emptying your head feels good – couple that with an implementation day! You wont believe the sense of peace and renewal that comes from actually eliminating all those open loops. Implementation programs focus on extra accountability and laser sessions to keep you on track and GET THINGS DONE!


  • Check out individual accountability/support packages below OR 
  • For groups , I offer 1 hour workshops or half-day trainings. Contact me for more details. 

I help you stay accountable for building the most valuable resource and tool you have: YOU! A Strong  & happy YOU helps you support your family, build overwhelm resilience and be a great role model in both your professional and personal life.  So even though life’s crazy…your growth and self-care need to be a top priority. “Put your own oxygen mask on first!”

Big stuff is possible when you learn to identify and express what renews you and strengthens you vs. going into survival mode and numbing out….whether that be overindulging/numbing through food, shopping, reality tv, alcohol, etc.

It may be that you have big ideas and YOU believe in yourself but you’re getting resistance from those around you. In their minds, it’s just “not the right time” to think about you…..or they don’t really get what it is that you want. So you let go…. because you don’t want to rock the boat. But often times, your loved ones just might not understand ….so they don’t know how to support you. And sometimes you just need a different type of support and accountability from someone who’s not in the thick of it with you and has perspective.

We’ll work together through your package of choice to:

  • Identify what you’re struggling with and wishing you could make time for
  • Define your big goals and dreams that energize and renew you and bring you purpose.
  • Help you build your own individualized Vitality Support Plan and priority schedule
  • Support you in creating success rituals and habits to keep you healthy and connected
  • Bring you understanding and support to keep you learning and growing in your areas of purpose and interest
  • Shift your mindset to embrace positive expectancy and release past pains and stories that do not serve you


Get Started NOW!

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