Happy Thanksgiving 2017

I know we’ve all been working, driving…
shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Now it’s time to slow down, press pause,
give thanks and find meaning.

Our children are getting older….
and I notice their needs are changing.

Our schedules are full….
and we’re constantly rearranging.

Balancing all of our interests…
and unique levels of energy

Has been an amazing challenge…. requiring much agility.

I’m the organizer of schedules, laundry, practices and games

The reminder of who’s picking up who,
what they need when…and it’s rarely the same!

Explaining what time to get to bed… to get enough sleep.

What time to get up and what time to leave.

But even on days where I feel like
all I’ve done is plan and drive

The time together and “ I love you’s” I hear ….
fill our hearts and help us thrive.

And this “busy-ness” necessitates
gratitude for blessings all around

Despite influences everywhere promoting
newer, better, faster … making desire profound.

DRIVING (yes driving) actually gifts us with sunrises, sunsets,
and the grounding presence of our mountain’s purples & blues

Forgotten equipment, assignments or lunches …
are simply lessons in planning and “time to slow down” cues.

We try to re-frame traffic, as lessons in patience…
or moments to pause and breathe…

or listen to books or music….or call friends or family.

We learn from daily disappointments
and things NOT going our way…

Because this forces us to grow, problem solve and discover
….what’s most important today.

I remind everyone to look around…
noticing the wind rustling through the grass

Feeling the warmth of the sun…seeing cars whizzing past.

This season of motherhood and life is one I’ll never forget

I cherish our time together and will have no regrets.

So I invite you to notice what stage of life you’re in this year
… and what may have changed?

What plans have you let go, what have you re-arranged?

Transitions are a given:
call them changes, phases, chapters or seasons.

They’ll challenge us all, whether or not we’re ready
….or understand the reasons.

I’ll close with my love, prayers and gratitude for each of you here

And cheers to finding gifts in the challenges ….once again this year!


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