Navigating 24-7 connectivity

Where will you say no? a Psychology Ph.D. Student, my program focus is Integrating Technology, Learning and Psychology.

Part of this journey is to hear from YOU:

How do you avoid feeling overwhelmed by today’s 24/7 connectivity?

How do you navigate and leverage technology in a way that supports your energy, health and relationships?

What’s most frustrating about the speed of change and learning/keeping up?

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Share any thoughts, questions, challenges or strategies in the comments section below – I’d love to hear from you. Love the private messages I’ve received so far on this topic…so feel free to email too! shari (at) spatimeliving (dot) com

2 Responses to Navigating 24-7 connectivity

  1. Yes I will be saying a lot of no,s as I am also returning to school to pursue NP in Psych. Thanks for your post.

    • Great to hear, Susan. Thanks for sharing. It’s only by saying no (or not now) that we can make room for the “yeses” in our lives! xo

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